Blue hour view from shirahama

Magical sunset in Shirahama, Wakayama Prefecture 

When talking about Summer, automatically, we’ll talking about the beach. because this is the only season where you can swim in the sea. of course because in the other seasons it is too cold to swim. this is one of the best places in japan to enjoy the ocean and watching the sunset.
Especially, Engetsu island, The Island of full moon. Small but remarkable, Engetsu-to has earned itself three prestigious titles: as a “Scenic landscape of Japan”, “One of the 100 best places in Japan to watch the sunset”, and “One of the 100 best places for the sunrise and sunset in Wakayama Prefecture”.
In summer and winter, the sun sets over the sea, just behind the natural circle of the “full moon”, forming a breathtaking landscape that large numbers of visitors and photographers come from Shirahama beach to see

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