Winter in Togakushi, Nagano Prefecture

Togakushi Shrine (戸隠神社, Togakushi Jinja), consists of a lower, a middle and an upper shrine in the forested mountains northwest of Nagano’s city center. The shrines are related to an important story in Japanese mythology in which the Sun Goddess hid herself in a cave in present day Takachiho on Kyushu after her brother had misbehaved, thereby bringing darkness to the world. and then…. whatever… you can find this information from google anyway. so i’ll give you another information that’s you can’t get it on google. this place is very stunning in winter. you better go to this place in winter. and wear long boots so your socks don’t get wet in the snow. it would also be better to wear shoes that make it easier for you to walk on the snow, because I slipped many times on the snow. you also need to walk quite a distance from the nearest bus stop. but don’t worry, the jungle view doesn’t disappoint at all. ohh, and be careful with the bears because this place is on the mountain

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