Summer Fireflies Gujo Hachiman

Gujo hachiman summer fireflies

a castle located on a hill in gifu prefecture. quite tiring going up here, but I’m sure you won’t be disappointed once you get to the top. there will be a magnificent view up there. This castle is in the city of gujo hachiman, also as known as Water City. maybe because this city is crossed by the nagara river, a very clean river and is famous for “oze ukai”, which is a fishing technique using birds at night with torches as light. personally, i really love fishing, that’s why I’m really curious about this fishing method. they catching fish called Ayu, as known as Sweet Fish. local people said, it’s taste like watermelon. i’m not sure about it, because it’s not like that they said. It is very difficult to catch this fish because it requires a special technique called tomozuri. It sucks when I get nothing while trying to catch this fish, so I went to the supermarket to buy it. and it’s very delicious! don’t forget to taste this fish when you come in gujo hachiman because it’s local food here!

The best seasons to visit are summer and fall, I think (but winter is not bad at all, when snow covers this place). you can see a lot of activity here when summer and autumn. like festival and illumination. in summer, you can see “Hotaru” or fireflies at night in japan. but only in certain place. it’s will be epic if this place full of fireflies!

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