Sakura River Illumination

Sakura river chushojima

As expected, Kyoto is indeed the best place to do hanami. there is a romantic sakura spot known only by local. cherry blossoms around Fushimi Deaibashi (伏見出会い橋). located in Fushimi, Kyoto Prefecture. 出会い橋 (Deaibashi) means bridge of meeting. The bridge does have 3 intersections. whether it was because of it, then later called deaibashi, or had some other romantic meaning like the bridge where couples meet, I don’t know. some say this place is the place where the live action from romantic anime entitled “kimi no suizo wo tabetai” is held. I’ve never seen it, but many say it’s a good film.

being under any of Sakura trees in any place will give you romantic ambiance, but this place will offer you more of that feelings

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