Night Summer View Kifune Shrine

kifune shrine

Kibune is only around thirty minutes from Kyoto City, but it feels like worlds away. If you want to escape the hustle and bustle to experience a bit of tranquility and calm, take the Eizan train north.  The area is filled to the brim with wildlife and seasonal flowers blooming along the river, and the local restaurants and ryokan (traditional inns) serve meals on platforms built over the cool waters. Kibune is also home to the Kifune Shrine, a shrine that worships kami associated with water. Three separate locations make up Kifune Shrine; the main shrine, Yui no Yashiro, and the Okunomiya. Some people choose to take a certain course to make this pilgrimage. First visit the main shrine, then after you finish praying go straight back to the Okunomiya, then lastly drop by the middle shrine, Yui no Yashiro, as you’re heading home.  Not only stunning in the summer, Kifune Shrine is absolutely gorgeous in winter as well. If you can brave the chilly weather, go to Kibune village when it is snowing and the area is covered in a blanket of snow, becoming a dreamy wonderland.

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