Summer fireflies katsuoji

Katsuoji temple was constructed by the sixth feudal lord of the area, Ko Jun, in an effort to pray for the 56th emperor’s recovery from an illness. It was successful. This led to its renaming as Katsuoji Temple or “Victorious King Temple” for its similarity to the Japanese phrase for “the temple that won out over a king.” The “king” in its name was later changed to “tail” with the same pronunciation, and it has remained Katsuoji Temple ever since. It has gained followers for its good fortune from conquerors through the ages, including the Minamoto, Ashikaga, and Toyotomi clans. Even today, it receives an endless stream of worshippers seeking to pray for “victor’s luck” in academic tests, business, job searches, sports, and every imaginable endeavor. The countless Daruma dolls – styled after founder of Zen Buddhism Bodhidharma – given as offerings here attest to the effectiveness of its luck.

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