Night View Lake Kawaguchiko

Little boat mount fuji at lake kawaguchiko

What if someone asked you to accompany him to sail in the middle of the night in a small boat with a view of Mount Fuji and the sparkling night lights to witness millions of stars in the sky? will you go? or will you miss this moment? even though you know that a chance like this won’t come again.

People come and go. that’s the beauty of life. no matter how strong your impression is on someone, all you have to do is do your best for that person. just do it. if you like him, sail together and enjoy the beautiful night. and if you hate him, just punch a hole in the boat, then sink and die with him. you ask, why you also have to die too? because there is hatred in you. hatred kills you slowly. if you’re going to die in the end, it’s better to die by drowning directly so you don’t need suffer cuz hatred. life is beautiful isn’t it?

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